Sonic Fear is an electronic music producer, composer, sound designer, and performer currently based in New York City. Having worked in the city’s underground music scene in a variety of different roles since 2008, he has most recently been focused on sharing his passion for electronic music as a performing artist.

As a DJ, Sonic Fear’s crowd-pleasing sets incorporate tracks from up-and-coming to world-renowned trance, progressive house, electro, and techno artists as well as his own productions. Regardless of what or where he is playing on any given night, whether in cyberspace or in clubs throughout New York, Sonic Fear aims to transport listeners to a futuristic digital realm that transcends both time and space.

The much anticipated debut EP “Horizon” (Released: December 21, 2012 | Sonic Fear Music) showcases Sonic Fear’s technical prowess and captivating artistry at a variety of tempos–from dance floor ready tracks to thought-provoking downtempo meditations. Genre-bending with creative sound design and lush instrumentation, Sonic Fear’s music is sure to delight any electronic music enthusiast.